April 13th 2016


I can't believe how quickly the 2 weeks come round – I almost forgot all about the update ! Could be something to do with how busy we are.... Lambing and calving is in full swing with lots of late finishes and early mornings. There have been ups and downs as usual but we just have to get on with it. I will spare some of the gory details !! There are lots of healthy bouncing lambs running around despite the wet and often cold nights. We turned 6 cows and calves out yesterday – the cows always kick their heels up when they feel the grass under their feet again. It brings a smile to watch some more mature matrons cavorting about like young calves - the baby calves are quite bemused at first having only seen a straw bed !!

Somehow we are going to fit in even more on the weekend. Graham is going to Rhiwbina market on Friday whilst I look after the farm. John and Ffi are off to Worcester with a nice young bull to the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society Sale – this is a first for us and it will be interesting to see how the hill billies get on amongst the professionals !! Then it's Usk on Sat and Riverside on Sunday. I hope there will be the usual range of goods on offer but bare with us if there isn't !!

Don't forget our open day on May 2nd in the afternoon. We have lots of tidying up to do first !